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Welcome to RebelSoul Digital: Where Rebels Unite to Lead the Digital Revolution

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Hello, digital dreamers and fearless future moguls! We know you're out there, juggling the chaos of life while secretly harboring dreams of true financial independence and schedule freedom. The 9-to-5 grind? You've had enough of it. The elusive digital skills that everyone seems to be talking about? You've heard the chatter, but where do you even begin? Well, friend, you've just stumbled upon your secret weapon – RebelSoul Digital.

RebelSoul Digital: For Women, By Women First, this isn't your typical digital learning platform. RebelSoul Digital is a movement, a rebellion against the status quo, female (identifying)-style. We're breaking down the gates of the digital castle and inviting you in. Why? Because we know that behind every kick-butt woman is a wealth of untapped potential. All you need is the skills to let it come forward.

No More Marketing Hype Tired of those stressful countdown timers, aggressive upsells, and promises of making millions in days that take over your screen? So are we! At RebelSoul Digital, you won't find any of that crap. Our ethos is built on honesty and ethics. We believe that empowering you should never involve smoke and mirrors. What you see is what you get – straightforward, no-BS digital mastery. We stand by the believe that ethical marketing is about finding a good fit between both parties so that everyone feels they are being valued.

A Community That Has Your Back Imagine a tribe of women just like you, navigating the same digital jungle, helping each other chart through the difficulties and celebrate the successes. Learning new skills and starting your own business takes guts, dedication and sometimes a little bit of crazy. That's the community we're building. We're all about knowledge sharing, support, and a good dose of rebellion. Join us, and you'll find friends, mentors, and fellow rebels who have your back.

Our Founder Has A Story, Just Like Yours I'm Bethany Sadler-Jasmin, Founder of RebelSoul Digital. Like you, I was knee-deep in the 9-to-5 grind. But the pandemic gave me a glimpse of personal freedom and time, and I craved more of it. When my job started asking for people to come back to the office, I felt a deep resistance to it. I knew there had to be a better way – one that offered financial independence, more free time with my kiddo and wife, and an opportunity for a healthier life.

In my quest for change, I faced the same challenges you might be wrestling with right now. Many programs and resources seemed like dirty, digital rabbit holes, promising millions and asking for insane amounts of money upfront that I didn't have, Even as a UX Designer with AI, marketing, and coding skills, I still felt discouraged and uncertain about what to do next and how to put it all together to build out my dream.

But I suppose, I'm a rebel at heart. My desire for something different never waned. As someone who values knowledge sharing and community support, I wanted a meaningful side-hustle that allowed me to contribute and learn from others, put more good out into the world, and ultimately help other women find and build out the same dream I was set on.

As I shared my journey with friends and fellow women, I realized I wasn't alone. Many are stuck, feeling left behind, and yearning for more, yet uncertain about the next steps to take. That's when the spark ignited, and RebelSoul was manifested!

Empower women from all walks of life to find their passion, acquire digital skills, and embrace entrepreneurship

So, What's The RebelVision?

Simple but powerful: Empower women from all walks of life to find their passion, acquire digital skills, and embrace entrepreneurship. It's a path to independence and financial stability that I'm relentlessly pursuing – and I'm here to guide you on that very same journey along with other leading women in the industry.

Together, let's redefine success, challenge the norm, and build the future we've always dreamed of. 💪🚀

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