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Reject Burnout and Live Your Best Life.

Transformational support to help you ditch the stress and reconnect to your true self.

Burnout Is Out Of Control.

A staggering (and increasing) 45 - 77% of the workforce is burnt out.

Data supports its prevalence, but there is no support for the people most prone to experiencing it–women.


Widespread recommendations advise self-care, meditation, or taking more time for ourselves. But these do nothing more than give temporary reprieve and add additional stress.

Most people don't realize you can't kick your burnout by adding more to your plate.

You must do it by taking things off of it.

You've had ...



Health Issues


Trouble Concentrating



Difficulty Sleeping

Find Your Way Back To Yourself

Believe it or not, returning to your sense of self is easier than you think.

I've been researching women who suffered from and overcame severe burnout.

These candid conversations provided deep and valuable insight into how our culture exacerbates the problem and what we must do to eliminate it for good.


It doesn't require you to do more self-care or take 5 am cold plunges.

People suffering from burnout don't need temporary relief. They need a permanent cure.

The women I spoke with reclaimed their lives and are thriving again. It is possible, and my mission is to make it accessible to everyone.​

Don't keep looking outside yourself for superficial cures. The answer is already available within you. Let me help you find it again.


To help women conquer burnout and rediscover their authentic selves.

Women can overcome burnout and find their spark again.


This journey of self-discovery creates a domino effect of positive change. When you break free from burnout, you reframe how you connect with everything in your life, including yourself.


A happy, healthy woman is an unstoppable force in the world.

Where To Start

Free & Paid Resources

Only the tools you need, nothing else. I cut out the clutter. Find free and paid resources, including courses and downloadable PDF workbooks and guides, that allow you to start your journey at your own pace.

Video Consultation

Get Full Support

Burnout Recovery
Coaching Program

My coaching offers complete support for one full month with weekly, one-hour personalized sessions and WhatsApp chat support.


If you are at your wit's end, desperate for help, and unsure where to turn, turn here. I can help you find your way out.

Together, our calls will transform your thinking and help you take concrete steps toward rebuilding your life.

Verve & Soul Products & Services

Person smiling at phone

Articles, workbooks & guides to jumpstart your journey.

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Group Workshops

Local training workshops that build community and new skills around burnout recovery and stress managment.

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Guides & Workbooks

Resources to help you undo burnout and find purpose.

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Individual Coaching

My individual coaching program is the personalized mind-body support you need to back out of burnout and feel alive again.

Bethany also brings a sensitivity, warmth, and awareness to her style. She made me feel at ease and safe to share intimate moments that would predispose me to burnout. In noting my habits, feelings, tendencies, moods, etc., she made connections that were eye-opening for me. We did exercises together that essentially were tools for me to use going forward. I know I still have a ways to go before I can say I’ve fully recovered from burnout. But working with Bethany has made me realize that I have made great strides.

- Catherina M.

Reject Burnout. Take back your life!

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